Nana Yaa

I believe that each of us has the potential to create and change things we want to see around us an the world. Often we get stuck with feelings like I don't or can't change that..

"Discovering Nana was among my highlights of the year right up there with hearing! If you are ready for some hot - knife -through- butter change, you can't do better than her coaching."
Mary Blom

Personal life coaching

Am person with a wealth of experience in all kinds of situations. Am a realist, understanding, patient and a very good listener. I don’t judge people based on their origins because everybody has a unique story which is very valuable. By drilling down to the core of the story, I can provide realistic and practical solution. Most of the solution will be discovered by yourself during the sessions.
The world needs people like you. People gifted with compassion and desires to make a difference. People who acknowledges their problems and look for possible solutions.
 And you need peoples like me. Someone who will not only help you find confidence, but also support you to create your life and achieve your dreams.
“When you start seeing your worth, you will find it difficult to be around people who don’t”.
I assure you I will help to realize your true worth.

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Understand your Talent

The world need people like you . people gifted with compassion and desires to make different. People who see  problem and look for solution.

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Are you tired of seeing the  same things over and over Again ?

Stop procrastinating and start getting things done.
I know how this feels Awful. Making excuses for ever things.?  The feeling of Questions your willpower. You even questions the your commitment.. It is a formula .when you discover and change the key element  of the formula it became exponentially easier to get out of the procrastination and into action.



Answer this six simple questions and I send to you customized strategy to overcome your productivity block and start taken action now.

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